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In Good Taste: Kids Can Cook Too!

No-Bake-CookiesHello Readers! I was planning a baking cake date with my nephew and I started thinking about my own childhood. I realized that I have enjoyed cooking even as a child. I remember my mother purchased a children’s cook book for me and I immediately started experimenting with the recipes. Mom and Dad would sit down to meals of Hawaiian Meatballs, or Baked Cheese Chicken and I got brave enough to create my own recipe - Nikki Von Franks (just cut up franks with rice and corn). Mom often remembers and laughs at my creations as a child. My parents never declined my meals and always cleaned their plates. My little sister ate everything I put in front of her - she was my first food critic and I never got a bad food review…I love my family.

So, this week I thought we should include some fun kid recipes that you can introduce to your family. It’s a great way to introduce cooking skills, discuss healthy foods and a wonderful fun way to bond. Don’t mind the mess, that can be cleaned up … the memories, though, will last forever. Try these recipes with the little ones and feel free to send a few pics of the end results with your little chef.


In Good Taste: BBQ Sauce - Finger Lickin’ Good!

Hello Readers! This week hubby and I went camping! Sleeping in tents, rapid water rafting, Smores, camp fire stories and yes, grilled food! We enjoyed the great outdoors - with most of the comforts of home. We were with some camping enthusiast who had everything and anything you could possibly need. We had a great time and the friends that invited us did an excellent job with preparing all the food ahead of time. All we had to do was start the pit and get to grillin’!


In Good Taste: April Showers Bring Springtime Recipes!

greek_potato_saladHello Readers! I love the springtime…the birds singing, the trees starting to bud, tulips in bloom and my birthday! I also love the spring because to me that’s when you start anew.

Everything has been washed away by the spring showers, all things old and drab are new and bright, everything to me seems fresher and lighter, even my meals. Yep, along with the spring season is when we start taking off our coats and noticing a little winter pudge around the middle. So, along with that, are new resolutions to walk in the park, eat better and get out more.


In Good Taste: Filet Mignon on the Stone

IMG00017-20110409-2146Hello Readers! This week hubby and I were invited out to dinner and were joined by 5 other couples - so, it was a huge dinner party! My friend found a place that he wanted to share with us - not only for the food but the experience. We dined at a restaurant called Valenca, which is a small Portuguese restaurant located on the north side of Elizabeth. We entered through the front door (the fancy side I was told to enter) and found this to be awkward, as there was no hostess be found and we actually stumbled into a private affair - which we quickly back tracked.  We made our way to the back bar, where we found our friends already seated and sipping on sangria. We noticed all the tables were full, with a very nice ambience, family friendly, and there were literally glasses of sangria on EVERY table.

We ordered our sangria and it was delicious! We enjoyed the complimentary salad which was large and containing olives, tomatoes, and onions with oil and vinegar dressing.


In Good Taste: Date Night at Home

Local_talk_foodDate Night at Home


Hello Readers! Hubby and I have a standing date night on Fridays. We go to the movies or restaurants, sight-seeing in NYC, or sometimes just chill out at home. It gives us a chance to catch up with the past week’s events, plan the upcoming week and just enjoy each other’s company.

This weekend I was so crazed we didn’t get to go out on our Date Night. So, I decided to make a romantic dinner at home on Monday night. It was spur of the moment; so I had to utilize what I had on hand but still make it special and delicious. Of course, as I was cooking I thought about you and figured you might want to make a Date Night Dinner at home.


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